The Forest Stewardship Council is the only certification system that requires a consensus solution when conflicts arise between logging companies and indigenous communities.

Paper accounts for nearly 40% of the waste stream.

More than 140 publishers, including many of the world's largest, have strong environmental policies.

On average, it is estimated that the U.S. book industry uses less than 10% recycled fiber for its paper.

On average, it is estimated that the U.S. newsprint sector has a 35% recycled fiber use-rate.

Globally, over 40% of the industrial wood harvest is used to make paper.

Deforestation accounts for 25% of human caused C02 emissions.

When the goals set forth in the Book Industry Treatise on Responsible paper use are realized over 5 million trees will be preserved each year.

In 2006, an Opinion Research Corporation poll revealed that 80% of readers are willing to pay more for books printed on recycled and environmentally responsible paper.

Over the course of its lifecycle, postconsumer recycled fiber requires 30-40% less energy than virgin fiber.


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Green Press Initiative- Major Press

November 22, 2010
Publisher’s Weekly releases second “Green Issue” with various articles about environmental progress in the book industry and efforts of GPI to work with the publishing industry to reduce its environmental footprint. View Articles

September 10, 2010
Article in Book Business Magazine about Scholastic’s progress towards achieving the the goals laid out in their industry leading environmental policy. View Article

January 1, 2010
PBS Video cites GPI in a discussion of the impacts of printed verses electronic books and newspapers.

Watch the full episode. See more MediaShift.

Sept 15, 2009
ABC’s “Good Morning America”, which has nearly 4 million viewers discusses GPI and the environmental impacts of the U.S. book industry in a segment and posts a related article on the Show’s website. Read the article

December 1, 2009
Publisher’s Weekly article about Hachette Book Group announces environmental policy with goals for 30% Recycled, 20% FSC and a 20% greenhouse gas reduction goal. View Article

December 2009
Book Business reports on the book industry achieving a new environmental milestone with 50% of publishers (by market share) have environmental policies in place. View Article

April 16, 2009
Article in U.S. News and World Report after the Book Industry Environmental Council announces its climate goal. View Article

August, 2008
BookBusiness publishes a Q & A with GPI Program Manager Todd Pollak about avoiding controversial fiber sources when buying paper overseas. View Article

July 17, 2008
GPI Director, Tyson Miller discussed the environmental impacts of the book industry on the BBC Radio program “The Word”. Listen to Broadcast

June 1, 2008
BusinessWeek discusses major environmental developments in the book industry and the green focus at Book Expo America, including a workshop lead by GPI. View Article

March 19th 2008
Minneapolis Star Tribune summarizes the results of the GPI report “Environmental Trends and Climate Impacts: Findings from the U.S. Book Industry. View Article

March 10 2008
USA Today publishes article on the key findings of GPI’s report Environmental Trends and Climate Impacts: Findings from the U.S. Book Industry. View Article

March 10, 2008
Publisher’s Weekly puts out its first green issue with stories that discuss environmental progress in the book industry and includes, an article with steps for publishers to reduce environmental impacts and an article about GPI founder and director, Tyson Miller. View Issue


February 2008
February’s issue of Book Business Magazine Features GPI and other leaders in the book industry that have made significant steps towards reducing impacts. Go to Issue

January 2008
BookBusiness Magazine reports on Scholastic’s environmental policy. View Article

December, 2007
BookBusiness Magazine reports on Simon and Schuster’s environmental policy. View Article

October 2006
Book Business Magazine publishes an article with many key individuals in the book industry discussing why they decided to sign the Book Industry Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Paper. View Article

July 9 2006
New York Times Article discusses environmental progress in the book industry, Random House’s environmental policy, the Book Industry Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Publishing and the efforts of GPI. View Article

July 7 2005
New York Times article discusses the push for Harry Potter to be on environmentally responsible paper. View Article

March 31, 2003
One of the first articles in Publisher’s Weekly to discuss GPI’s efforts to work with publishers to use environmentally responsible paper. View Article




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