Paper is the 4th largest industrial source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

Deforestation accounts for 25% of human caused C02 emissions.

When paper degrades in a landfill it releases methane, a greenhouse gas emission that is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Globally, over 40% of the industrial wood harvest is used to make paper.

Between 7 and 11% of the world's terrestrial biospheric carbon is stored in the Canadian Boreal Forest.

Pulp and paper account for 50% of Indonesia’s exports of forest products.

Over the course of its lifecycle, postconsumer recycled fiber requires 30-40% less energy than virgin fiber.

Between 7 and 11% of the world's terrestrial biospheric carbon is stored in the Canadian Boreal Forest.

Pulp and paper account for 50% of Indonesia's exports of forest products.

In 2010, it is expected that 25% of global pulp exports will be from South America.

The southeast U.S. is the largest paper producing region in the world. Already 15% of the forest (32 million acres) consists of single-species tree plantations.


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Boreal Reports and Articles
Boreal Reports and Articles


Endangered Forests - Canadian Boreal


Boreal Reports & Articles

Bringing Down the Boreal  A report by Forest Ethics which looks at U.S. consumption of products sourced from the Boreal, and the impacts on wildlife, indigenous people, and global warming.

Feeling the Impacts of Paper A profile of the Grassy Narrows first nation and their fight to protect their traditional land

The Boreal in the Balance This report looks at conservation opportunities in the Boreal and provides recommendations to industry and government.

The Boreal Forest Region: North America's Bird Nursery A comprehensive analysis of the Boreal's vital role in sustaining North American bird life.

Recent Anthropogenic Changes within the Boreal Forests of Ontario and their Potential Impacts on Woodland Caribou Published by Global Forest Watch Canada, this report analyzes the the impacts on caribou associated with logging and other development in the Boreal Forest.

Robbing the Carbon Bank: Global Warming and Ontario's Boreal Forest An in depth look at the vast quantities of carbon stored in the Boreal Forest ecosystem and the importance of safeguarding this carbon as part of a climate policy.

Out of Balance: A revealing look at how public forests are managed in the Whiskey Jack Forest A look at the forest management policies in the Whiskey Jack Forest in Northwestern Ontario and the impacts on wildlife and the Grassy Narrows First Nation

A Forest Under Siege: Threats to the Boreal Forest A brief overview of the Boreal forest with bulleted facts and actions individuals can take to reduce impacts on the Boreal.

Consuming Canada’s Boreal Forest: The Chain of Destruction From Logging Companies to Consumers A report by Green Peace which highlights the impacts of many companies that are using wood and paper sourced from the Canadian Boreal Forest.


The Boreal Zone: In the far north a chance to get it right - International Herald Tribune

State of Denial: Scarring the Boreal - Sacramento Bee

In the Boreal a Developing Storm - Washington Post

Fighting for a Forgotten Forest - U.S. News &World Report



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