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The Forest Stewardship Council is the only certification system that requires a consensus solution when conflicts arise between logging companies and indigenous communities.

Paper accounts for nearly 40% of the waste stream.

More than 140 publishers, including many of the world's largest, have strong environmental policies.

On average, it is estimated that the U.S. book industry uses less than 10% recycled fiber for its paper.

On average, it is estimated that the U.S. newsprint sector has a 35% recycled fiber use-rate.

Globally, over 40% of the industrial wood harvest is used to make paper.

Deforestation accounts for 25% of human caused C02 emissions.

When the goals set forth in the Book Industry Treatise on Responsible paper use are realized over 5 million trees will be preserved each year.

In 2006, an Opinion Research Corporation poll revealed that 80% of readers are willing to pay more for books printed on recycled and environmentally responsible paper.

Over the course of its lifecycle, postconsumer recycled fiber requires 30-40% less energy than virgin fiber.



February, 2010 Newsletter


Upcoming Events

Monday, March 8 at 2:45pm,at Publishing Conference & Expo at the New York Marriott Marquis. The Book Industry Environmental Council unveils initiatives and next steps in session called, Green Publisher Eco-Label & The Industry’s Climate Reduction Pathways. GPI members receive $50 off the full registration. Use discount code GPI50. For a free Expo pass, use discount code GPI35 To register, go to their website.

Book Industry Environmental Council (BIEC) to meet on Thursday, March 11, following Publishing Conference & Expo. Council will look to begin tackling the issue of reducing returns and related environmental impacts. Contact Todd Pollak todd@greenpressinitiative.org for times and location.

Green Publisher Certification Request for Public Comments. The Book Industry Environmental Council (BIEC), which consists of a broad range of book industry stakeholders, is finalizing a certification system to identify publishers who are leading the way in environmental sustainability. The BIEC will soon be accepting comments on the planned certification system from the general public and interested stakeholders. If you are interested in reviewing information about the publisher certification and/or providing the BIEC with comments, look for more information to be posted at www.bookcouncil.org in the near future. If you have questions about how to review and comment on the proposed publisher certification or if you would like more information send an email to comments@bookcouncil.org.

GPI News

GPI is cited in new PBS video. Experts including Shona Burns, VP Production, for Chronicle Books, discuss the environmental impacts of print vs electronic publishing. Watch the video here.

Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Book Publishing is up to 249 signers including mills, printers and publishers Recent signers include Hachette Book Group, Cushing-Malloy and others. Be part of the shift towards better environmental practices. www.greenpressinitiative.org/treatise/treatiseIndex.htm

GPI has a new policy focus working with 1) World Resources Institute scientists on the GHG Protocol to correct the underestimation of emissions from burning forests for biomass 2) Congress to enact policy changes and incentives to encourage recycled paper production and usage. Using recycled paper keeps it out of landfill where it converts to methane gas and reduces deforestation. Contact Shannon@greenpressinitiative.org

Calling GPI members - we want to thank all of our members for their generous support. Membership helps GPI to continue helping the industry make environmental improvements. You can see a list of members and join at www.greenpressinitiative.org/membership.htm For renewals, contact erin@greenpressinitiative.org

In The News

Hachette Book Group announced a comprehensive environmental policy. 2012 goals include reaching 30% recycled fiber and 20% FSC-Certified fiber. 2020 is the target date for Hachette to reduce GHG emissions by 20%. Read more at Hachette.

Arcadia Publishing is the country’s first major book publisher to achieve the use of 100 percent Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper across its entire book publishing program. www.arcadiapublishing.com/USA

Google introduced new software to monitor deforestation worldwide, available in 2011. Will help book publishers avoid risk areas when sourcing paper. Read the story here.

The Federal Trade Commission may soon crack down on industry “greenwashing” by updating and enforcing Green Guides. Full article here.

Read about trials of a new “wheat sheet” and participate in survey to determine market demand for agricultural residue paper at Canopy's website.

FSC certified printer locations in the US and Canada number about 2,600 – making it easier to find FSC certified papers, including recycled. Find printer locations here. (PDF)

New Research and Reports

NThe number of environmental printing and writing grade papers (for books and magazines) produced in North America has more than doubled from 97 to 228 in the past 18 months, according to information released today by Canopy www.canopyplanet.org The sharp increase in options is the result of large paper buyers demanding more papers with eco attributes, a growing trend despite recent troubles in the North American paper industry and global economy.

Industry News from Mills, Merchants, and Printers

New Leaf Paper has a new 100% postconsumer waste uncoated offset and trade sheet as well as two new coated sheets. For more info contact, stacey@newleafpaper.com

Got News? Let us know. We can help you get the word out through our newsletter, and other communications with industry professionals. Contact erin@greenpressinitiative.org

Tools & Resources

Paper Calculator v2.0
The Environmental Defense Fund’s Paper Calculator tool was recently updated. Check it out!

Updated Paper and Supplier Listings
Updated lists of environmentally responsible papers and printers that stock environmental grade papers are available at http://www.greenpressinitiative.org/action/suppliers.htm

Toolkit for publishers is available at:

Toolkit for Printers is available at:

*NEW* Toolkit for Small Publishers



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