The Forest Stewardship Council is the only certification system that requires a consensus solution when conflicts arise between logging companies and indigenous communities.

More than 140 publishers, including many of the world’s largest, have strong environmental policies.

When the goals set forth in the Book Industry Treatise on Responsible paper use are realized over 5 million trees will be preserved each year.

Each pound of postconsumer recycled fiber that replaces a ton of virgin fiber prevents the release of 2,108 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2006, an Opinion Research Corporation poll revealed that 80% of readers are willing to pay more for books printed on recycled and environmentally responsible paper.

Over the course of its lifecycle, postconsumer recycled fiber requires 30-40% less energy than virgin fiber.

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Tools & Resources for the Newspaper Industry


The tools and resources to the left are designed to provide the practical information that is necessary for newspaper  industry stakeholders to minimize their environmental impacts.

To view a resource, please click on the links to the left. Brief descriptions of some of the key tools and resources are below.

A Brighter Shade of Green: Opportunities for Newspapers in the New Era of Consumer Environmentalism
A new report that discusses the impacts of the newspaper industry and opportunities for environmental leadership.

Newspaper Publisher Policy Template: Below are two policy templates that are similar to what other publishers have adopted.  They share the same core principles but differ slightly in their scope and specificity.  GPI considers both to be sound paper procurement policies.
Newspaper Policy Template 1 Newspaper Policy Template 2

Paper Calculator is a tool designed by environmental defense to determine the environmental benefits that arise from using postconsumer recycled fiber. It is also possible to compare the benefits of two different papers with different percentages of recycled content.

Newsprint Paper Guide is a guide by Conservatree to environmentally sound newsprint papers.

The Mid-Atlantic Community Paper Association (MACPA) has published a blog discussing environmental impacts and the advantages of greening your newspaper.

Newsprint Supplier Survey

US Newsprint Producer Profiles


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